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Responsible Gambling Document - May 2016

The Responsible Gambling Document is currently under revision. In the interim until the document is completed the following forms are current and can be used.

  • 3 Month Gambling Barring Order (updated Dec 2016)
  • Barring Self-Exclusion Checklist
  • Breach of Barring Form
  • Gaming Barring Order Internal Working Report (new)
  • Gaming Patron Internal Reporting Form
  • Gambling Help Service Consent Form

For matters pertaining to the Responsible Gambling Document please contact the Gaming Care office on 8100 2499.

Gaming Venue Signage - 1 July 2014

The new signage requirements under the Gambling Code of Practice commenced from 1 July 2014. Please see the document attached below for information on the new required signs, where they need to be placed and how many are required. The document also outlines those signs that are no longer required or that have become optional.

A limited number of the new signage is available from the AHA|SA, please see the order form attached below. The new signage, including links for the video files, is also available from the Office of Problem Gambling, please click here to visit their website. Alternatively their order form is attached below, please note orders for hard copies of the signage is made through Staples. Frames for this signage can be ordered from the AHA|SA please see the order form attached below for prices and information on how to order.

For further information or assistance with required Gaming signage, please contact your Gaming Care Officer.

Gaming Barring Form - 1 July 2014

The Barring Form attached below is to be used from 1 July 2014. All Gaming Barring Orders from this date are issued pursuant to the Independent Gambling Authority Act.

Licensees can only bar a patron for a period of 3 months and cannot revoke or vary a barring order. Venues who require assistance should contact their Gaming Care Officer.

All barring orders must be notified to the IGA within 7 days using the BOEN system. The IGA will then review the barring order.

Stay on Track App

8558-300x250-banner-Final (3).gif

The Office for Problem Gambling has launched the STAY ON TRACK app. The app can be downloaded for free for both iPhone and Android based Smart Phones. For further information please click here.